creme brulee
Les Desserts - Desserts


Les Desserts 8

Crème Brûlée - Gluten Free

Creamy Vanilla custard topped with harden caramelized sugar

Opera Cake - Gluten Free

Three layers of thin almond sponge soaked with espresso filled with ganache and coffee butter cream

Dôme de Chocolat - Gluten Free

Chocolate dacquoise filled with raspberry coulis and bittersweet chocolate mousse

Glace à la Goyave - Gluten Free

Creamy tropical guava ice cream swirled with sweet mango sauce


Butter Short Dough filled with vanilla mousseline, topped with praline mousse profiterole

Marquis au Chocolat

Bittersweet chocolate mousse, chocolate genoise with chocolate mirror and kirsch syrup

Équateur Exotique

Raspberry passion fruit coulis coconut biscuit and passion fruit glaze